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Recruiting Reimagined

Revitalize Your Real Estate Business by
Recruiting New Agents from Other Industries.

Discovering The Third Pool

Most real estate companies limit recruiting to the traditional candidate pools-experienced agents and new agents who decide to get into real estate on their own.

There are less than two million people in these traditional candidate pools.

Did you know there are nearly two hundred million people who are either employed in other industries or not fully participating in the workforce?

This is the ThirdPool.

Candidates on Demand

The ThirdPool contains a diverse group of talented individuals who are well positioned to bring innovation and new energy to the real estate industry.

But, this talent pool is ignored and misunderstood by most real estate companies.

ThirdPool candidate sourcing brings a constant stream of these individuals to your front door where they're ready and willing to talk about transitioning to the real estate industry.

Recruiting Performance Management (RPM)

ThirdPool candidates will not solve your recruiting problems, but ThirdPool hires will. Converting a talented candidate into a capable new agent is more difficult than it sounds.

Our RPM system called HiringCenter is an industrial-strength recruiting platform designed to help you engage ThirdPool candidates successfully.

The HiringCenter platform has been used and optimized over the last decade by some of the largest and highest performing real estate companies in the country.

Trusted by Top Real Estate Companies

ThirdPool Recruiting is being used by real estate companies in more than 50 metro areas across the United States.

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